Bitcoin – the New Investment Option

//Bitcoin – the New Investment Option

Bitcoin – the New Investment Option

Nowadays, everyone all over the world seems to be talking about cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a form of money which exists only digitally, not physically. It is based on a decentralized system. This is a system where there is no single fixed financial body controlling the supply of currency. This means that the governments or other financial institutions have no power over currency regulation in the market. The concept of decentralized currency was first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto, a Japanese technology expert.

How to buy Bitcoin in Canada

Bitcoin is one of the oldest and most popular forms of cryptocurrency. It was first introduced in 2009. But bitcoin value has recently started to rapidly increase in the global market. If you wish to convert one bitcoin to Canadian dollar, it will equal almost 14,500 CAD. The detailed history of bitcoin trading can be seen on websites such as BitcoinWisdom. This is a website which shows the current price of bitcoin for both buying and selling. There are various kinds of graphs present on this website. By looking at these, you can determine what would be the best time to buy or sell bitcoin.

Just like other people all over the world, Canadians are also looking for options to buy and sell bitcoin. There are many platforms which broker buying and selling deals involving cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. In order to carry out a purchase or sale, you must have a bitcoin wallet. This virtual wallet is where bitcoins are stored until use or resale. Coinbase is one the most well-known wallet providers. You can store bitcoins and many other types of digital currency in these wallets. It is also very safe and secure.

The question of where to buy bitcoin in Canada has an easy answer. There are many bitcoin websites which operate worldwide. Some of the sites which are popular in Canada are QuickBT and These websites ask you to first sign up or register for free. Next, you have to fill a form listing your transaction amount(s). Then, enter the amount of money you would like to spend on bitcoin in CAD. Once the details of your transaction are confirmed and verified, the amount, in bitcoins, is transferred to the bitcoin wallet which you specify.

As of today, the bitcoin price in CAD is almost 14,500 dollars. The prices keep changing constantly, depending on the demand and supply. But the recent boost in the demand of bitcoins suggests that this form of cryptocurrency is here to stay for quite some time. Therefore, now is the ideal time to invest in bitcoins.


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