How Bitcoin is Changing Online e-Commerce?

//How Bitcoin is Changing Online e-Commerce?

How Bitcoin is Changing Online e-Commerce?

Even though there are some risks attached to Bitcoin it is a growing market and improving technology that is set to change the e-Commerce industry. The Bitcoin is innovative and feasible solution to most of the problems related with e-Commerce. It is also helping existing online companies that are accepting Bitcoin payments in attracting more customers.

Instant Transfer

Because the world of today is fast paced, people have become impatient and they do not like waiting at all. Now instead of waiting hours, days and sometimes even weeks the payment is transferred immediately. This also gives a person peace of mind because they do not have to worry about whether or not the transaction was successful. This could also speed up online shopping because once the merchant receives the payment and approves the order, they can ship it immediately. Direct and instant payments can help customers receive their orders much quicker.

International Transactions Become Easier

Even though PayPal is widely available in the developed world it is not so easy to use in the developing parts of the world. The services are not available or too risky in certain countries and that is why Bitcoin is such a handy solution to the problem. You no longer need to rely on banks, online wallets and account management services which dictate the exchange rates and tax percentages. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer service which allows the payment to reach the intended recipient in a safe and secure manner. This can help developing countries also take part in international transactions and allow merchants from these markets to expand their customer base through e-Commerce.

No Fees           

There are no expenses or transaction fees associated with Bitcoin. Customers and merchants can avoid paying extra for completing a transaction from anywhere in the world. In the case of a credit card payment, the transaction has to go through multiple channels and networks which make it necessary to charge a fee. With Bitcoins there is no middleman and no monetary authority such as banks that has to be involved in a transaction hence transactions are free of cost. This puts at ease those who have to pay a large percentage of transaction as fees.

Bitcoin puts the access and control of the cryptocurrency in the hands of the owner which is why it is a trustworthy, safe and quick way to pay for something online.

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