Things are progressing.  I have been eating healthy foods, this in itself is a large key to success.

Whole foods, what are they.  It’s simple.  Stay away from packaged “food” for crying out loud.  If it has a ton of ingredients and you cannot understand them then its a sure bet that it’s probably not that good for you.  Easy right?

Whole foods, try organic if possible and do some research. A good start is this list here. What I have learned over the past few weeks is that its up to ME to educate myself.

Having cool friends like Tara is also very helpful but the main point is find the resources to help yourself. They are definitely out there and it takes a bit of time and energy but I feel it’s worth it.

So to get back to where I was, eat whole foods. Organic meats, produce etc. To me whole food means REAL food.

Next I have started supplementing my whole foods with a product called Isagenix. Nutrionally I find this product to be amazing and the cost of isagenix is very affordable. I find it affordable because I am replacing some of the whole foods I buy at the store with the product. An easy example is this. I spend 500$ a month on groceries (I wish it was this low, ha) and instead of spending all $500 on food I now spend $300 on food and $200 on Isagenix so its a wash. In fact I actually spend a bit less total now but you get my point.

I have lost 5lbs in the last two weeks btw by supplementing the way I eat with Isagenix.

I know I am on the right path here.

Products – To use or not to use?

That IS the question isn’t it?

OMG.  There are soooo many products on the market for weight loss, its nauseating and confusing even trying to know where to start.  With all the nonsense and marketing tactics companies use I also know that a very large percentage of products are pure garbage.  I wasn’t born yesterday and often times it just a marketing ploy.

Brands, brands, brands.  Supplements, supplements, supplements.  Argh!  I do know one thing and that one thing is this -eating a healthy, balanced diet is the place to begin.

What is healthy and balanced you might ask?  I look around and see so many overweight (oftentimes even obese) people.  What is going on?

Listen, I don’t eat all that unhealthy right now and the pounds are still creeping onto my fabulous frame.  I do know that
lack of activity is partly to blame for this lb creep that is happening but I also know that I need to be watching my diet a bit better.

Actually I want to stop using the word diet all together.  It grosses me out.  So many misconceptions and nonsense regarding diets in general and also what people should be eating.  I mean if it was simple as a diet wouldn’t less people be overweight?

Luckily I have a friend of mine who is pretty darn fit and looking fabulous for her age (40 years old btw) that is willing
to help me out.  Her name is Tara (or “shortie” as we called her in college) and she and I have been friends since college.  Oh my god, the things we did!

She has had some weight issues and has found (after multiple bouts of trial and error and massive amounts of reading – she says) that eating whole foods needs to be the base or foundation of what I need to be focusing on.  Thanks Tara but seriously I didn’t even think you knew how to read. Totally joking!  Love you sista!

So… whole foods eh?  What the heck does she mean by this?

Weight loss – Where to even begin?

Ugh, how the heck did I even get here?

I looked into the mirror at what my husband calls “my sexy bod” and I honestly wonder if he has somehow lowered his
standards.  Maybe he is just being nice?  Maybe that happens over time in a marriage but whatever it may be, I am not happy
with how I look naked in the mirror.

Of course my boobs don’t look as great as they used to but nursing two children will do that to you. Kids 1 Mom 0.   My
poor boobs.  Oh perkiness,  where have you gone? Then I look at one of my daughters and realize that 50% of ol perky went to her.

The things we do for our children.  Kids 2 Mom 0 ugh.

Yikes, I can’t believe I am even typing this, I must sound a bit selfish.  But all jokes aside, I do want to look good and
damn it, I deserve it.  I am a Canadian for crying out loud.

Ugh, that doesn’t have anything to do with looking good
besides the fact that we are much more well off than most and we have extra money to spend on clothes and can usually eat
whatever we want.

Yikes, we are spoiled. And to think I am fat?  Now I just feel even worse, ha.  I mean I have all of these wonderful options
at my finger tips (healthy food, awesome clothes and even a plethora of gyms to choose from) and I am still chubby.  I wonder if most third world countries even have gyms.  Ugh, dang I am lazy.

Ok so I am about 20 lbs over weight, not the end of the world by any means but if I don’t do something about it I know that
20lbs can quickly turn into (gulp) 30 and (GASP!) 40.  My husband wouldn’t be saying sexy for much longer and if he did I would know for sure he must be drinking some sort of crazy purple drink.

Plus, who wants to look at that?  Yuk. I don’t even want to look at myself in the mirror.

Enough excuses and time to get rocking.  Yes raising kids is a whole bunch of work and yes sometimes you lose yourself.  My
kids are 3 and 5 though so I can’t really use that as an excuse anymore.  It is time to take action, aka – lose some of the
weight.  I gotta do this for myself, I deserve it and you know what, my husband deserves it as well!