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A new Bitcoin Canada investment fund was just authorized and approved! It is called Canadian Bitcoin Trust! Read this article and discover more!



Finally, a cryptocurrency investment fund that allows and motivates people from Bitcoin and from its rising value. This kind of fun has been approved in Canada, right after a similar US fund tried and failed. They simply could not get an approval from local regulators and federal securities.

The new fund is called Canadian Bitcoin Trust and it was launched a few month ago by the company First Block Capital which is a Vancouver-based company. According to BCSS press releases, federal securities regulators have established registration conditions on the company First Block Capital that allow it to work and operate in a regulatory environment. However, the statement doesn’t include the conditions. What exactly does this mean for the market, for the investors, for the Canadians?

It means that you can purchase a stake in a pool of now currently bitcoin managed company – First Block Capital. As you follow the news, the value of Bitcoin constantly increases which means that if you invest now, the value of your stake will go up (we suppose, according to the current information). The target audience is all people who are interested in investing in Bitcoin Canada as a cryptocurrency and sit back while its value increases and becomes more valuable. What we are trying to say is that you as an investor, don’t have to worry about the numbers or complicated things such as exchanges and private keys or even how Bitcoin operates. The whole point is the profit and how Bitcoin can make you rich.

BCSC is the principal regulator and they announced that it is open to helping and encouraging more cryptocurrency investment funds in Canada, if they meet the current regulatory compliance standards, of course.

In a statement, the head of the BC regulatory technology team said that they strongly encourage other companies, regardless of whether they are existing investment fund managers or potential new registrants to get in touch with them if they are considering the chance of pursuing different cryptocurrency investments in their funds. What they were trying to say is that they will form and ensure compliance with securities regulation and this can help save both time and money, later in the future.

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There are a few investment funds in the US and they offer exposure to Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, however, not many of these funds are specialized in this area. There is only one fund that specializes in cryptocurrencies and it is called Grayscale. This fun trades as pink sheet stock in the USA and the current value of its shares is completely separate from the Bitcoin value. Although the Bitcoin value they hold means that their shares should sell for more than $200, a few months ago, in June, their shares were going for more than $500.

Bitcoin investment funds which allow and motivate people to purchase and invest in Bitcoins is the perfect place for everyone who appreciates the value of the cryptocurrency. If you think that the value of cryptocurrency will increase, now is the time to take an action and invest in Bitcoins Canada. We hope that Canadian Bitcoin Trust will encourage more people to invest in their future, to buy Bitcoin and use it for a greater purpose. We can say that there is a new way to buy Bitcoins in Canada and the best part is that you don’t have to actually own Bitcoins. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact the Canadian Bitcoin Trust.

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